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Heya guys,

I really need your help evaluating if I should even get involved with a FPJ setup for my current location. I have been given an InFocus 640 LCD projector with less than 40hrs on it that a good friend used for meetings before moving out of his old building.

Anyways, so here are my viewing habits.

1) I enjoy watching TV maybe only 10-15 hrs per week. (( No more time lately ))

2) I enjoy mostly Satellite TV, with the occasional (well frequently lately) Sopranos DVD.

3) I would want to use 4:3 aspect as I am not a big fan of the widescreen TVs.

4) My seven year old daughter also enjoys watching Discovery Kids and outdoor adventure shows.

5) ReplayTV playback ALL the time ¡V the occasional X-Box game and of course UFC & Pride fights!

I currently have NO knowledge about HT, except for what I have learned over the past few sleepless nights reading my arse off and searching all the forums I could find and reading just about every FAQ that seemed relevant.

What I currently have :

1) A 29" CRT TV ¡V so you can tell I'm not a huge fan of big tvs, what I am a fan of is CLEAR PICTURE. .

2) Bose Home Theater Surround Sound System

3) Plenty of connections for fresh TV input ( ie. Sat, DVD, ReplayTV, InternetMovies, Xbox )

I don't even know if what I want to do is possible which is why I am asking here! I would like to have a basic projection TV that is no larger than lets say 60" diagonal -- because to me personally that is quite large. I'd like to

1) Make my own screen to hang/mount on the wall. (( Do-Able is fine for starters ))

2) Use it at ANY time of the day ¡V including morning when there is ambient light in the room.

3) Have a nice crisp clean color-true picture (which I am assuming is not totally possible with what I have learned about LCD projectors in general)

4) I don't want to change my living room around (rearrange furniture)

5) I'd like it to have comparable quality to a RPTV ¡V possible???

6) In the near future I'd like to build a $2-3K HTPC that handles EVERYTHING.

What I have learned so far myself before asking through searching/FAQs (please confirm/deny)

1) There are inhearant drawbacks to LCD projectors.

a) They were not made for TV so their color representation is not as crisp

b) They fade after many hours of use

c) They don't change the image as quickly (not as smooth) as DLP ??

2) The unit that I own ( the entire reason for even getting started ) is designed for office/corporate meeting/conference projection of computer images.

a) Apparently the resolution is nice and high ¡V enough for HDTV. I am also happy with the 4:3 AR since I will mainly be watching "TV" as opposed to widescreen movies -- what I DON'T like is the 300:1 CR

b) The stats on it are very nice apparently other than the 300:1 CR it appears to be a pretty darn good projector


The "Living room" part of this room places the couches 14 feet from the mirrored wall and about 9 feet wide. ( I have included pictures in the next posts ))

Here are my questions to end this quite lengthy post (( thanks for taking YOUR time to read this far about *my* problem ))

1) Is this even possible to consider doing in my current room with my current projector.

2) Mounting this unit as close as possible and projecting a fairly small image ie. 60" diagonal how high an image quality am I realistically going to get?

3) How bad is the 300:1 contrast ratio really going to be for an entry level HT use? IE. could you help compare it to the quality of a RPTV ¡V because I have seen those before.

Any and ALL help - in any form whatsoever would be appreciated greatly!

SomeoneYouKnow - a HT Newbie - JustLearninHT

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Here are the picts of the current layout - the vertical blinds for this window are out for repair - so this is not the normal amount of light/glare in the room.

I've been looking for a reason to take down that god awful 70s style mirror behind my TV.

Have a look.
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