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I need to convert the mpg files I captured with VCR II software

to AVI so they can be played to my TV.

I'm going from the PC Firewire port of my PC to an ADVC-100

Canopus digital video converter that outputs analog S-Video and

audio to my TV.

It only works when I play AVI files using Adobe Premiere Pro-7, so

I must find a way to convert my mpg files to AVI, and also I'd like to

find a more user-friendly program that the Premiere, to watch later

those video files on my TV, as the Premiere requires some time

consuming settings every time a video file is imported to later be


I tried playing with VCR II and Windows Media Player, but the picture only

shows on my computer monitor, and it is not present on the firewire port.

Is there a software that allows capturing AVI files directly via firewire

without performing mpg conversion, or a better and simpler way to accomplish this?

I'll appreciate any help regarding this matter.

Thanks in advance.

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