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Wondering if anyone with either Powerstrip or Bravo custom settings experience can help with this translation. Using a JVC G150, I have confirmed Powerstrip settings that allow 1:1 resolution on the G150 DVI input of:

PowerStrip timing parameters:


Generic timing details for 1360x1024:

HFP=285 HSW=192 HBP=323 kHz=75 VFP=151 VSW=3 VBP=72 Hz=60

Linux modeline parameters:

"1360x1024" 162.000 1360 1645 1837 2160 1024 1175 1178 1250 +hsync +vsync

Based on patching together information from several other threads on achieving 1:1 on other projectors, I have translated these Powerstrip timings into the following Bravo custom settings:

>Horiz Freq: 75000

>Video Width: 1360

>HSyncTotal: 2160

>HSyncActive: 0192

>VSyncTotal: 1250

>VSyncActive: 0003

>HSyncPol: 0001


>Vert Freq: 6000

>Video Height: 1024

>PreHSync: 0285

>PostHSync: 0323

>PreVSync: 0151

>PostVSync: 0072

>VSyncPol: 0001

Other Bravo users with other projectors appear to have been able to make this translation work and achieve 1:1 pictures with their projectors and Bravo over DVI. Trying to attempt the same with the JVC G150. Currently after saving these custom values in the Bravo, I lose the DVI signal and have to use the Bravo TV Mode button to flip to one of the preset Bravo DVI settings to regain the DVI signal. The issue with the preset DVI signals is that any signal over 480p is cropped by the G150 on the right hand side. Supposedly, the Powerstrip setting above tricks the projector into displaying all of the pixels and eliminates the cropping. As mentioned, I have two sources with these Powerstrip settings that believe that it works with the G150.

Also of note, when I am using the Bravo 720p DVI pre-set signal, the G150 information display indicates that it is displaying a resolution of 1024x720 with horizontal freq of 44.9kHz and vertical freq of 60Hz. The same information display for the Bravo preset 1080i signal indicates a resolution of 1920x1080 with a H Freq of 33.7kHz and a V Freq of 30Hz.

Thanks for any help.

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