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Here is an odd question

I have been looking at making MPEG2 files and transcoding to MPEG4 files from my old VHS tapes that can't be had on DVD.

I was thinking of buying a used top of the line SVHS VCR on ebay and using my Linux box with PVR-150 to make nice mpeg2 files with the cat command. I could then leave as is or convert to MPEG4. Then I could watch them as files on my PC or on my Computer that is hooked to the HDTV in the other room.

However I noticed that I have this older Hughes SD-DVR80. Maybe I could use it instead. It has Sat1 in, Sat2 in, and RF in that says pass though only? Is there a trick? Is there a Sat channel that works on 67.25 mhz?

My understanding of how this all works could just be completely wrong
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