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How to get file off of DVR? RNG200???

I have a Comcast (Cisco Model RNG200) DVR and would also like to copy shows off it to the best possible of the following destinations:

1. VCR (then to later copy to DVD).

2. DVD harddrive/burner.

3. Computer harddrive (laptop with Win7 Pro OS).

4. Other?

There is a USB input on the front of the dvr, vcr inputs on back, and possibly other inputs (not too familiar with those).

I spoke to someone at Cisco on the phone and he suggested there was a support manual to be downloaded somewhere here on the Cisco.com website. Plus he said I could download some kind of software that would allow my laptop to "communicate" with the HD in the unit and basically copy/paste the files over to the laptop.

Also not sure why the one guy suggests you would be fined for opening the unit. If you don't damage anything or literally break open the unit, who would know and why would anyone care?

Help suggestions please? Anyone know the precise url where I can download the product manual, software, or whatever else I need?

Feel free to directly email at [email protected]
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