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Hi guys, forum newbie here - apologies in advance if this an obvious question, or if its in the wrong section!

I have a setup that consists of a MacBook Pro hooked to a Toshiba 32L1400UM display via HDMI, set to mirror my mac's display. I play my videos through a software called mpv. According to my display, the input it receives from my laptop is displayed as having RGB YUV as: YUV Limited Range, 24bit bit depth, sRGB color space, & 4:4:4 chroma format.

My question is as follows: what are the ideal color settings I'd have to tweak in order to achieve playback with a video's original colors, without adapting or transforming them, or doing so in a perceptually seamless manner?

I'll breakup the question in 2 parts:

mpv gives me a video's info as to its primaries, gamma, color matrix, pixel format & levels. The software is set as to not to adapt the primaries & gamma to a specific target or ICC, but it gives you the option of selecting limited or full range.

- Keeping in mind that playback is achieved on my mac, should I select full range, even if the video has limited range in an of itself? The TV display is supposedly capable of full range, but I've read (much to my confusion) that all TV displays should display in limited range. Should I set the primaries & gamma to adapt to the Mac's ICC profile? Some 601-625 videos look dreadful when adapted to a simple sRGB ICC profile.

- My mac display preferences give me a lot of options regarding the ICC profiles for both my mac and my TV display; should this be setup to anything specific? For example, if a video has primaries of 601-625 & 2.8 gamma curve, should I setup both displays' ICCs to PAL/SECAM? Or should I keep the displays' native HD709 & Color LCD profiles? Or should they both be set to sRGB? This ties in with my first question.

Thanks to all of you in advance!
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