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Hi all!
I'm looking for some help with setting up my new Home Theater system, since I've spent almost a day trying to make the audio work with no success.

I recently bougth an Optoma projector (Hd25e), and hooked it up to my PS3 through the HDMI port of a Yamaha audio receiver (RXV377BL), which at the same time I hooked up to a Yamaha speaker set (5.1.)

Now that everything is connected, followed instructions and re-read the manuals, I still can't hear anything. So, I'm wondering if there's something that I did wrong or missing. For example, the Yamaha audio receiver is supposed to handle audio and video though the same HDMI connection. The only audio that I hear is the one coming off the projector which is awful.

Any pointers about what's wrong?

Thanks in advance for your kind help.

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