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Visited my local Costco this afternoon. First off, They had at least one 2013 70" E Series 'P' serial number version, but also several 'Q' s/n versions that were there, too.


I spent quite some time waiting for my wife looking at the 2014 55" E Series closely. I noticed that the rear wall mount holes were very low on the back side, needing some planning for a wall mount height position. 

As for the PQ, it seemed a bit less vibrant under the Costco lights than some other TVs nearby, and especially it looked a bit "washed out" color-wise, that got even more noticeable from the side angles as I moved around.  Of course, who knows what it was set to in there. I saw no indication during dark scenes of zones, blooming, spots, or anything else, just a lack of vibrant clarity of the image and a sense of faded colors. Would have been nice to have a remote to see what I could do to it to get it a lot better.


An employee there told me they were expecting the 60" and larger 2014 E Series sizes in as early as next week, so it will be interesting to check them out soon. The picture quality on the 60" E Series I have at the moment is excellent. I hope the FALD and more zones of the larger screens will make them great for the money they cost. 
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