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Could someone recommend some front left and right speakers?

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I have the Onkyo 340 receiver, and want to replace my current left and right with something better. I was hoping to keep it under $200 for the pair.

There is enough room on my TV stand to place some bookshelf speakers, but I'm thinking to keep them the same distance from each other as the surrounds are from each other as well, it'd be better to have some floor standing ones.

Thank you.
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There really arent many good sounding towers for $200/pair, the only ones I am familiar with are the infinity primus 250s. You could get some very good bookshelf speakers at that price, like the XLS bookshelves or the infinity beta 20s or Home theater direct level 2's.

You also will want all of your front three speakers to be brand/series matched. Mix and matching is a bad idea.
nozerider, you have a very limited budget. you did not mention your current speakers that you want to improve upon-so it is hard to suggest without knowing.

in the near $200 range are very-well-thought-of/reviewed bookshelves by Onix : x-ls Bookshelf - you won't find them in any Best Buy or any local shop.... you have to go online: http://www.**********/products_produc...s&product=82.1

they are $220. Finding speakers under $200 new at a store and you will very likely get a crappy speaker, unless they are blemished. good luck.
You might like Home Theater Direct's Level Two Bookshelf Speakers for $194 Shipped . If you've never shopped HTD before, you can take advantage of HTD's 100% risk free guarantee. If you don't like them, return them within 30 days for a 100% refund including shipping both ways.

If needing floorstanders, eBay sells pairs of "Sony SS-MF650H 3-Way Floorstanding Speakers" for under $160 shipped. You may like them.

* Black Ash Type Finish

* 3 Way, 4 Driver Floor-Standing speaker

* Dual 6 1/2" Improved H.O.P. Cone - Bass Driver

* 3 1/4" Improved H.O.P. Cone - Mid Driver

* 1" Nano-Fine® Balanced Dome Tweeter

* Bass Reflex Enclosure

* One pair per package

* Audio Features

* Sound Reproduction to 50 kHz --- (for High Resolution Audio)

* 180W Maximum Input Power

* Frequency Range 40Hz - 50kHz

* 8 ohm Impedance

* Inputs

* Screw Type Binding Posts

* Convenience Features

* Magnetically Shielded

* Removable Grille Cloth

* Includes Speaker Cable

* Supplied Accessories

* Instruction Manual

* Speaker Wire: 8.2' x 2 (2.5M x 2)

* Specs:

* Power Handling --- 180W

* Frequency Range --- 40 - 50,000 Hz

* Sensitivity --- 89 dB

* Weight: Approx. 26.9 lbs. (12.2 kg)

* Dimensions: Approx. 8.6" x 37.4" x 10" (220 x 950 x 255 mm)
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Upon further reflection, I realized my budget currently doesn't permit floorstanders that aren't crap. I suppose I'll just go with some bookshelves.

That being said, how are those XLS?
Why don't you just wait a bit, save up some cash, and then get the speakers you want? Why settle? Not saying bookshelf speakers aren't good, but if your room can fit floor standing speakers, I'd rather have those. Just my worthless two cents!
Good luck with your decision.
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Originally Posted by nozerider /forum/post/0

Upon further reflection, I realized my budget currently doesn't permit floorstanders that aren't crap. I suppose I'll just go with some bookshelves.

That being said, how are those XLS?

You would very likely enjoy the x-ls speakers. However, they are not magnetically shielded and so you would not want to put them near a regular TV. And, with shipping they will cost around $255.

Also, you should keep in mind speakers perform their best when properly positioned. And that positioning is likely to require a bit of flexibility. How far apart will you be placing these speakers? How far away from the TV will you be? And is your budget still fixed at under $200?
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