With Rogue One set to hit theaters in a week, what better time for Lucasfilm to start releasing information about Star Wars Episode VIII? Principle photography for the next full Star Wars film finished this summer with the next movie scheduled for release Dec. 15, 2017. But what will it be called?

The answer might come from a trademark filing Lucasfilm submitted today to the European Union Intellectual Property Office for “Star Wars Forces of Destiny.”

What lends credence to Forces of Destiny being the name of Episode VIII is the lengthy list of goods and services the name is being trademarked for. The list of items is more than 2000 words long and includes items from staplers to Christmas tree ornaments. And yes, motion picture films is on the list, as well as the usual merchandise like toys and various articles of clothing.

The timing of the filing is also important. With Episode VIII set for release in about a year, a teaser trailer is expected at any moment, with the Dec. 14 premier of Rogue One being a likely place to unveil it.