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I am finishing my basement and putting in a dedicated home theatre room. I plan to get the Panasonic PT-AE1000U which is getting killer reviews. I want to pair that with a 96" screen from Carada. I also love the speakers from Aperion Audio since I have a set now.

My dilemma is what receiver and dvd player to get with this system. My room is 12' x 18'. I have looked at the Onkyo TS-XR804 and the Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi. I also don't know what DVD player to get for this system. I have even thought about getting Blu-Ray or HD-DVD since I can get rentals from Blockbuster or NetFlix and really take advantage of the 1080p projector.

Can anyone who knows more about this tell me what receiver and dvd player best matches this system and room so I don't make any dumb mistakes? Your help is really appreciated. Thanks.
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