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*** Budget 


Really upwards of $3000 for the right set up. I do need to buy a new AV Receiver and a PS4. I could go a little more on the budget for the right deal but would prefer to stay below.


*** Seating Distance.


This will range from 10feet in the Recliner to 13 Feet on the couch


*** Size/Placement Limitations


Nothing that I could think of. This will go on my stand which is plenty big enough for everything on the market it appears


*** Uses and Sources


DirecTV Genie, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4. Also have Chromecast and occasionally pc. ( I have a very high end pc that I may occasionally try on the new tv but rarely if I do)


*** Room Lighting


I would consider it average. Not to dark not to light. If anything I would say more towards the lighter side mornings and darker side afternoons. 



Here are some of my thoughts and I just seem to be creating myself a big vicious circle in my head. I really dont care for 3D but it seems the best picture quality tvs have 3d. I will do some video gaming. I flat out just want the best picture for the buck. 


I really like the Sony KDL-55W900A that seems to be on sale right now but I am just afraid the 55 inches would be to small. I am upgrading from my 50inch sammy plasma now. Then the last 2 days I talked myself into getting either the Samsung 60 inch f8000 series or the Sony KDL 65W850A. I really love all the features from the Samsung but do I really need this? I dont think I probably do. I see both these sets are around the 2500 ish mark but can be bought at abeofmain or bigboxstore or a couple of other places for 1900.. Are these stores same to purchase from??? Why are they so much cheaper? Will Amazon or Best Buy match these places?? I think I would go with one of those larger tvs if I could get that price point. 


That being said if I dont get that price I may just say screw the 3d and more expensive sets. Which leads to my next question.. Is there a tv without 3d that has as good a picture quality out there? What is the "best" non 3d tv. 


Love this website and thanks for any responses. 
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