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Hi Everyone,

Can you integrate L&R Mains with textile soft dome tweeter with a Center channel that has a titanium dome tweeter?

Also The Mains are 6 ohm and the Center is 8 Ohm.

I'm talking about Paradigm 7SE Mark 3 Floor standers and a Paradigm CC-350 Center.

It seems a perfect match woofer wise, the CC 350 is basically a 7SE on its side, but a different tweeter and ohm rating.

Its pretty hard to match a set of speakers like the 7SE's and I think the CC 350 may be my best option. I've had the CC 200 but found it lacking a bit.

Another question,

Can you use White noise (pink noise) to figure out the timbre of speakers?

I notice that while testing each speaker My 7SE's sound the same tone wise as my rear Paradigm Micros but the CC 350 seems to drop a tone lower....

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