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TV is Samsung PN58c500, DVR1 is Magnavox 515, DVR2 Panasonic DMR EH75V

DVD player is Magnavox MDR3000.

I have started to manuelly setup the speakers w/ a Harmoy300 remote.

used the guide button as a setup function.

any suggestions on which buttoms to assign to the Harmony remote like HDMI (which toggles between TV and HDMI being used), HDMI 1,2,3 & 4. AV1, DVD player display, DVD player commercial skip ect.

I currently only have 2 front speakers Polk audio M30 w/ 5 1/4 woofer and a Polk audio 1200watt sub. woofer. w/ 8" woofer.

Here are my current settings w/out the use of the speaker mircophone.

1.bass out SWFR

2.center none

3.surround none

4.sub woofer phase normal

5.crossover set at 80

I have my sub. woofers crossover set at 80 also.

1.what is the recommended crossover for my speakers?

2.what is the recommended front speaker setting large or small I haven't notice much of a differnce between the two?

3.I have a (3.5mm wire) pluged into the back of my TV the other end of this wire has 2 RCA jacks plugged into the AV5 on the RX-V465

when I start listening to radio then start watching TV the audio stays on radio, I have to press the TV scence button to listen to TV is there a way around this?

I'm thinking the solution is an optical tosh link cable connected to AV1?

I would really like a volume punch though is this possiable w/ the Harmony 300?

4.I'm not liking the volume display the voulme starts at a -80.0dB I would prefer the start of volume to be set at 0dB and increase to 80dB is this possiable?

5.this RX-V465 gets kindof warm I have it mounted inside a wooden home entertainment box the back is completely open I am concerned this heat will ruin my 2 DVR recorders should I place a dividing piece of wood inbeween the RX-V465 and the 2DVRs?

6.I'm like still confused on what to use as a ground bar for the AM radio?

Thanks Guys

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