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Just got an URC RF20 (RFS200 package actually) over the weekend as an early birthday present. I love how I can program it while sitting in my living room without needing computer access(had been using an old Harmony). Over a couple sessions of messing around with it while watching TV I've got working pretty well. The punch through feature for volume controls was a nice surprise(was about ready to manually do it by learning the commands when I saw the feature).

I do have a couple questions:

Is their anyway you can program an entry in the Favorites menu to run a Macro?

Also is there a way to move command entries into different positions in a listing without recreating/reprogramming it? Like with Favorites could I move the out of the box channel entries that I would actually use to the front of the list? I used both existing codes and learning on some of my component entries. Some of entries from the code work and some of them don't work and I'd like to move the ones that are useful to a different page as well.
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