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Hi everyone:

I'm trying to find a good solution to build the equipment rack, which I have a 24" by 21" deep space for. I was going to have a cabinet maker build something that would fit, but the price is much higher than I thought.

Then I saw 1 of the pics posted here where the guy has a wall that can open up like a door. So that got me thinking may be I can build something that looks like the sound absorbing board, but can be mounting on hinges and open up like a door. That will allow me to put a simple rack back there, and cover it up. Has anyone tried this? Any better ideas?

I would build the bottom 20" space for speaker, so it will have a speaker cover that's removable, and above it will be the door.

Does anyone know if anyone makes such a thing? Or better yet, any DIY instructions? I need to get both the speaker cover and the panel.

Thanks a lot for your input.
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