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 http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/MediaGrabber for the info and
http://www.datacast.biz/mediagrabber/ for the downloads

If you use Vista MCE Videos for storing your 'movie' files, but don't like the frame-capture thumbnails generated by MCE, and don't require or want another frontend like My Movies, you can use this app to download cover images which will be displayed in the VMCE browser.

When updating remember to delete the ehthumbs_vista.db file in all directories containing content. This will force VMCE to regenerate thumbnails using the new jpeg images.

This also works on the AppleTV when using ATVFiles.

I've provided an executable link so that you don't have to download any dependencies.

NOTE: it helps to have your titles named as close to the 'real' title as possible, else you may end up with incorrect cover images.

NOTE2: mediagrabber will scan all subdirectories of the directory you specify for video content, and also works across shared volumes if you map them to a local drive (windows) or mount them to a local path (atvfiles).

--- snip

MediaGrabber v1.5

Author: konfoo at gmail dott com

An automated cover downloader for HDDVD, DVD and othervideo content.

Retrieves cover images and associated XML metadata for video content.


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike3.0 Unported


A copy of the License is available at:

You may use this software provided you credit the

author and obey the license. The author takes no

responsibility for misuse of this software, and

collects no fee for it's use.

Usage: MediaGrabber

MediaGrabber c:\ emp\\movies DVD

MediaGrabber c:\ emp\ vshows All

Supported searchtypes:

All, DVD, HDDVD, Bluray, UMD, Music, VOD, User

Works with:

AppleTV (ATVFiles)

Media Center (My Videos)

Input: folder/sub/videotitle.

Output: folder/sub/videotitle.jpg

Output: folder/sub/videotitle.xml

-- snip

This can also run directly from VMCE by adding a custom .mcl file to your VMCE programs directory, as follows:

- Create c:\\users\\\\Appdata\

oaming\\Media center programs\\MediaGrabber.mcl

- Edit as textfile and insert the following:

- Save and restart VMCE

- You can now update your covers from the program menu in VMCE by selecting 'MediaGrabber Update'.

If you find this app useful please feel free to donate towards further development.

408 Posts
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v1.5 released

Adds XML metadata support for all media.

Director, Actors, and other info automatically downloaded for each title and stored in an XML file. This works out of the box on an AppleTV and is displayed by ATVFiles.

I am currently working on a 'more with' plugin for Vista MCE so that you can view the director, synopsis and other info directly from the My Videos view on VMCE, using the same file format.
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