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Cox Cable SA3250HD 1394 Out

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Just picked up a JVC HM-DH40000U, and hooked it up to my Cox Cable SA 3250HD via Firewire/1394...

Good news is I get a picture on all HD channels; bad news it seems to be downconverted to 480i/p. When I switch back to the DVI out on the TV, everything's fine at 1080i, but it seems that the 1394 ports are only putting out 480p normal and widescreen..

Does any one have any experience with this, or ideas as to why Cox may be only putting out 480 on the 1394 ports? Or, is there something I'm missing in the setup of the JVC DVHS that should let me see 720 and 1080?

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The SA 3250HD doesn't have an encoder, so it outputs everything through Firewire at the original resolution. It doesn't have any way to change the resolution.

If you are only getting 480p normal and widescreen on HD content, then you are doing something wrong. Do you have the component output on the DH40000U connected to your display, with the DH40000U set to output HD?
I have the JVC 40K's component out set to "No Conv." and yes, it's going into the component in on my Sony GWIII..

After reading further, I wonder if it's not the JVC that's somehow doing the downconversion for some reason, even though I have it set on "No Conv."?

Was also reading something about copy protection "downgrading" digital signals.. Could Cox be sending a flag of some sort telling the recording equipment to downconvert to 480?
Originally posted by tcp100
Was also reading something about copy protection "downgrading" digital signals.. Could Cox be sending a flag of some sort telling the recording equipment to downconvert to 480?
That's very possible, and it's within their power to do it via the broadcast flag, but not necessarily. Sometimes my box will do some downconverting for no apparent reason, but changing channels or rebooting the box seems to cure it.
Try the JVC-1394 reset -- hold down Eject and D-VHS buttons for five seconds.
Which COX network location are you in? It would help to see if others in your location report success/failure. It works in most, but not all locations. Some systems apparently don't have the latest software update and you have to pester them to get on the bandwagon.

Does the SA3250HD use the SARA or PASSPORT operating software? Which version? You may be able to tell by pulling up the diagnostic page. On my PASSPORT system it is channel 998, but may be 198 or 199 on yours.

For SARA diagnostic instructions, you may need to download the SA3250HD manual after signing up at following url: http://www.scientificatlanta.com/exp...ub/default.asp

The JVC must be set to I-1 input for IEEE-1394 recording. It helps to have SA3250HD powered up and channel selected before selecting JVC input.

I set Recording speed to AUTO-HS (results in HS for HD and STD for SD), but you should check it to make sure...sometimes I end up with HS for SD material....it is not possible to select a lower recording rate for HD. If my HDTV displays the correct resolution without any error boxes, I've never seen my "40K" fail to record at that resolution.


VIDEO FUNCTION: only apply to SVHS/VHS mode


IN/OUT FUNCTION: NO CONV if HDTV supports all 4 resolution formats,

or 720TO1080 if HDTV does not support 720p format

or 480i for EDTV low-rez HDTV's.

ADDITIONAL: Since the JVC must be in POWER ON state to do a recording via I-1 input anyway, POWER SAVE ON is recommended to keep the JVC much cooler and save electricity.

The manual can be confusing on this point. POWER SAVE OFF means that the JVC is not truly powered down since it is waiting for START/STOP commands via the IEEE-1394 interface.

However, since the SA3250HD does not support START/STOP via IEEE-1394, when you set up to do a HD recording via I-1 input, you have to leave the JVC power ON and either hit the record buttons manually or use a remote control with pre-programmed event timers. So there is no need for POWER SAVE OFF mode with SA3250HD.

AUTO TIMER OFF forces you to remember to hit TIMER button,

whereas AUTO TIMER ON automatically engages TIMER when you power down the JVC. This is not applicable for HD recordings via I-1 input, since JVC can not set timer for I-1 input (ARRGGHHH). Only affects recordings via the L-1, L-2, F-1 or selected NTSC channel.
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