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i would say it has been the last 2-2 1/2 yrs that i have had nearly continuous problems w/ cox hd dvrs. in that time i have gone through at least 5 dvrs and now on what i think is the 6th one, it is going too.

the hd dvrs were all sa 8240s i believe, at least all sa units, possibly different model number, whatever cox is giving out.

my question is - is there a known problem w/ these dvrs? kind of like the xbox 360 rrod? this is getting ridiculous having them go bad so often. the current one is starting to not record correctly and artifacting badly along w/ audio/video sync issues.

any insight would be greatly appreciated as this is a frustrating situation as i am not getting what i am paying for. i can call and complain to cox but would rather it just worked.

i have checked the outlet w/ a few different voltmeters and the v seems pretty stable and no other electronics i have have had any issues including my ht setup / tv / etc.

thanks in advance,

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