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CPU Jammed at 100%

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HI Guys,

Heres the dilemma. Last night I noticed my P4 1.6 Gig Radeon 9200 machine slowing way down. Just running Powerstrip and WinDVD Platinum. I have had this configuration for better than 6mos. I looked at the CPU usage and its pinned at 100, no matter what I do. Tried a few earlier restore points and seemed to help but then just a bit later its pinned at 100 again. Heres some additional info I just saw. A window popped up ( said something about NT???) and said there was some type of error and the machine will shutdown in 30 seconds. It counts down then restarts. I have seen this twice. Looks like a virus to me...but I was hoping someone here more experienced could shed some light on this. If it a virus, how to get rid of it, and if not i guess we are doing a complete reformat of the drive. Before I do that I wouldn't mind ruling out the posibility of failing hardware. I should also mention that my Radeon MMC etc has been acting flaky and won't let me uninstall, power DVD did the same thing a while back. I just left it alone as I don't really use it anymore. Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance,

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If the popup window says something about RPC (Remote Procedure Call), then your computer is likely infested by W32.Blaster.Worm.

You can get a removal tool from Symantec.

Btw, to abort the shutdown procedure, quickly open a command prompt and type shutdown /a
It can also be that XP needs a patch so try Windows Update too.
Thanks guys. I believe its saying "remote procedure call". I'll give that a call and do all my updates. Normally this is not connected to the internet, but my other machine was down for a couple days.

If you don't connect it to the internet, how do you update it to protect it from the known vulnerabilities?
I connect it only to do updates, its rarely connected. Trolling perhaps?
Sure sounds like a worm or trojan to me too. The blaster worm was huge. I removed it from several friend's PC's. McAfee came out with 4 virus updates last week too and there supposedly is a sleeper virus due to wake up anytime now. I can not believe how many port scan alerts that are logged in my Zone Alarm in the last week looking to do the old RPC call. McAfee has a free download of Stinger that can remove it also. Just search on stinger+trojan. Good luck!
Even if you only hook up a computer long enough to do updates, that's long enough to get a virus. I had received 6 new laptops at work, set them up, put them on the net and first thing I did was update symantec and point it to our antivirus server, then run windows update. I didn't do anything else, but I got Welchia virus on 4 of the 6. These things can move fast...
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