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Might be of interest to those looking for alternative quiet cooling solutions. Have not used them myself but just visited a PC shop here in Japan and was intriqued by this device. Only cost Jpy5,000 locally ($40).


Latest Technology

The HEATLANE heat transfer technology applied to this product is more advanced than heat pipe technology.

Excellent performance

This CPU cooler achieved the most prominent performance among existing air-cooled systems. It also offers much superior performance than conventional CPU coolers including those made of copper. (Confirmed by measurements performed at our company. Weight ratio)

Original Clip

We have made it more convenient to attach and remove the cooler to/from the CPU socket. Our original catch configuration reduces the risks of damage to a motherboard and other parts that can be caused by a screwdriver or other tools because no tools are required for installation. (Patent pending)

See QuickTime movie (4.24MB). Also see the Flash Animation below.

Light weight

The core part (Heatlane Radiator) is made of aluminum and thus is lighter than the high-performance copper CPU cooler. Reduces the physical load on the CPU.


The product can be used for both Socket370 and Socket A CPUs. It also can be installed on Socket478 CPUs with "Zen 478 Adaptor (ZADP478-01)". Now SCR325-2F is only the HSF compatible for those 3 types of CPU.


>>>>>>>HEATLANE Technology

@ This cooler is based on our original heat transferring technology "HEATLANE" which is patented in 6 countries (USA, UK, France, Germany, China and Japan).

Heatlane technology, also known as pulsating-heat pipe, meandering-capillary-tube heat pipe or Akachi-pipe after the inventor, has completely different principle from conventional heat pipe or the other heat transferring methods. Its unique features has been shown deep interest by enterprises, universities and institutes of the world.

The features of the Heatlane are;

@ @

Available at any position with small gravity effect removes design restrictions and expands applications.

Small friction loss by no wick construction and heat transferring by both liquid and vapor improves the performance.

Variable heat transferring capability by changing the number of turns of capillary tube expands operating range from small to large.

No wick construction enables high flexibility to fit any applications with small change of the performance.

Carious materials can be adopted as the container; Aluminum, Copper, Stainless steel, Titanium and the others.


>>>>>>>Specifications of CPU Radiator Zen SCR325-2F

Housing and accessories

@ Size: W90 X D86 X H76mm

Material: Case, Clip covercABS resin

ClipcNylon66 (strengthened resin with glass fiber)

Heatlane Radiator (heatsink)

@ Size: W64 X D32 X H60mm

Material: Aluminum

Working Fluid: HFC-134a

Heat spreader: 32 X 32mm (copper + Nickel plated)

Fins: Corrugated louver fin (aluminum)

Weight: 135g

Fan (2pcs)

@ Manufacturer: Minebea

Model Number: 2406KL-04W-B59

Size: 60 X 60 X 15mm

Fan Speed: 4,600 RPM

Max. Air Flow: 0.52 m3/min

Max. Static Pressure: 51.2 Pa

Life expectancy: 70,000 hours


@ 350g (assembled/net)



@ Click here. (Partly in Japanese)

They have flash page on how to installl the device ~ 350 g weight
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