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Cracked glass

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So my daughter fell into my Panny TH-42PWD6UY and the protective glass cracked on the bottom right corner. I bought the plasma from Visual Apex a couple month ago. I sent them an email tonight and I'm sure someone will contact me in the morning. Anybody dealt with this or similar issue? What can I expect? I hope I can just replace the glass ....
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Keep us posted Deputy. I doubt VA will replace your unit, or assist you in getting fixed, since it's not a defect related to the unit. :(

Is the crack distracting at all, or is it minor enough to simply be a small blemish on the edge of the screen?


Sorry for your loss!!! I'm glad my screen is way up out of the reach of my 3-year old.

I don't expect to get a new unit ... I just hope that VA will assist in me getting it fixed. When I am sitting back on my couch looking straight at the screen (10-12 feet), I can't see the crack. But as soon as I get closer or off to one side, it shows. I just don't want to pay a fortune to get this thing fixed ...

Update ... I spoke with a VA rep who was sincere and sympathetic to my problem. He referred me to a nearby service center and a Panny rep he'd done business with in the past. Looks like it is going to cost me $400-ish to have the glass replaced with a used piece. A new piece would cost me $1200-ish.
This is a "lucky break," it looks like just the protective optical filter glass cracked and not the PDP panel (you wouldn't see a picture if that glass sandwich was breached.)

You might consider calling your homeowners' insurance company to see if they will pay for the service fix, minus the deductable. Also, will doing so will raise your premiums.
If you purchased the plasma with a credit card, you might check with whoever issued it. Many credit card companies provide automatic insurance against theft and accidental damage for purchases.

This is a "lucky break"
Great one Dave :)

If you can get it fixed for $400.00 go for it

You should get it replaced: the broken glass could become a hazard
Based on my VA reps suggestion, I contacted MEDIA ASSOCIATES out of Mountain View. I took my Panny down there this AM, and after a couple hours they replaced my broken glass with a used piece from a DOA unit in their shop. They charged me $350 for the glass plus labor ($150). A new piece would have been $1200 plus labor. My Panny is now back where it belongs and working great. No more rough-housing anywhere near the Panny!
Deputy....good to hear you have the baby fixed. However, you should contact your credit card company since some of them provide the accidental damage insurance for the first 90 days after the purchase! I'm sure it won't hurt to try!
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