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I wish this Covid thing would go away so I can travel down to Georgia to check out your place again. :mad:

No indication of that happening any time soon. As you can see from the attached, if there is any downward trend in Georgia (red line added by me), it is very minor/slow. And unless I am tied down and gagged, I won't be one of the first to take any kind of vaccine - particularly the one that Bill Gates is trying to rush to market.


And at the risk of turning this to a political statement/argument (certainly not my intent), it appears that the death rates in Georgia as a percent of the population are pretty much in line (but slightly less) than the total US numbers. Our numbers (Green County) are skewed a bit because many of our inititial and on-going deaths occurred in the equivalent of Nursing Care Facilities.

I do not mean to diminsh the serious danger of this virus, particularly to folks my age or others with various medical complications. But it is just difficult for me to comprehend what we have done to our economy, our emotional well-being; small and large businesses, etc for something that has a death rate affecting 4 people out of 10,000.

Sorry for this OT rant. I'm just very frustrated!!

541 - 541 of 541 Posts