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Has anyone else ever built their own craps table? I built this one about two years ago. I work weekends at casino parties and wanted some extra practice. It was a fun project and the first thing I've ever designed and built on my own. I'm definitely not a handy man so this was quiet the accomplishment. Materials + everything needed to play the game cost about $200. I've been thinking about doing another one with a new design. This thing was insanely heavy and it took two capable men to carry short distances.

Spoilered for amount of images.
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1/2 plywood to use as the base.

Carpet padding for the playing surface and ends. The pyramid rubber like at casinos would have been $200...

Used spray glue to adhere to plywood.

2x12s that we stained and coated in a gloss.

A cheapo felt. Use spray glue to adhere it to the carpet padding below.

Used a blue piece of rubbery material from walmart for the ends. It doesn't look nearly as bright in person.

Felt then stapled down on the edge of the plywood. This is where the 2x12s will sit.

Screwed from the bottom to secure 2x12s to the plywood.

Added 1x4s for drink rails and chip racks.

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