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Originally Posted by Leha_Blin /forum/post/0

Did anyone of you create a complete blu-ray dics, including menus and other stuff?

Can you tell explain me or point me what to read about software and methods?


Depends if your target Blu-Ray player can handle \\BDMV files on BD-R\\RE. As of now the PS3 cannot so hopefully an update will fix this problem.
I believe the Sammy firmware 1.0 will allow it, and Panny/Pioneer seem to be OK but don't know for sure.

Like mmace, I have DVDit Pro HD and that will be the way to go but they do have some bugs/issues to be fixed. Cyberlink's software will create \\BDAV files but I can't seem to get the PS3 to recognize the chapter points. Don't know if it's a Cyberlink or PS3 issue...
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