Two highly appealing features of sound bars are their compact size and relatively low price compared to full-size AVR based systems. When creative debuted its Sonic Carrier soundbar a couple of years back, the company threw caution to the wind and created a no holds barred high-end soundbar capable of impressive performance. Nevertheless, the  SXFI Carrier  soundbar the company showed at CES 2020 is actually more exciting because it distills the listening experience provided by it's older sibling into a far more compact and wallet friendly package.

However, based on what I heard during the demo at CES, Creative did not skimp on the performance. Billed as a "joint effort between Dolby Laboratories and Creative Technology" this is a soundbar that can create a complete 3D immersive soundfield despite measuring a mere 34.6" wide, and it comes with a 10" sub that's powerful enough to put some visceral grunt into the movie watching experience. Proof that it worked came via clips played from the now familiar Dolby Atmos demo disc. HDMI eARC allows for simple connectivity with a TV.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, because it comes from Creative, the SXFI Carrier is very gamer friendly. How many other Soundbars serve as a USB DAC and headphone amp? Of course you would expect nothing less from Creative and in this case it includes Super X-Fi headphone tech. Considering the sound quality and the feature-set, it was enough to grant creative an AVS Forum Best of CES 2020 award.

Connectivity options:
  • HDMI eARC port for uncompressed and lossless HD audio
  • Two HDMI 2.1 inputs with 8K passthrough for rich sound and high-resolution picture quality
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack with Super X-Fi technology; connect your favorite pair of headphones and experience the full glory of the Super X-Fi's cinematic audio holography directly from the headphones
  • USB Type-C Audio Input
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 technology
The Creative SXFI Carrier soundbar

A good sub is crucial for a high performance cinematic soundbar system. Creative supplies a robust 10 inch model with the SXFI Carrier