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Creative X-Fi volume mutes momentarily

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Does anybody else have a problem with the Creative X-Fi Elite pro volume muting for a couple seconds while playing audio from the optical input (connected to the external box)? This seems to happen once every 5 - 10 minutes, and does get rather annoying.

This has happened with both a DirecTV satellite receiver, as well as a Motorola Cable box, model # 5100 I think.

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yup.... but only when the incoming audio is PCM.... AC3 audio is fine..... the dropouts are normaly accompanied by an icon showing that the X-FI has momentarily switched to DTS mode.... hopefully the any-day-now driver update will fix it...

Speaking of drivers, I see they have an updated driver for Win XP, but not Win MCE 2005. Odd, I would have thought they'd be the same.

Which driver are you anticipating?

I don't get that icon during the dropouts. I believe I get the dropouts with AC3, also.
that driver is 6 months old....

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