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I have less experience/expertise on the speaker side of things, so will leave that to others to address.

AV Receiver - Current: Integra DTR 50.5
Upgrade: Yamaha RX A3080.
I'd have to check the price difference, but if I were to consider upgrading my current Marantz SR7010 (I have no active complaints about it), I would take a hard look at Anthem to take advantage of ARC Genesis.

Disc player - Current: OPPO 103
Upgrade: Panasonic 820 UHD or OPPO 203? I have both.
For disc play, I'd go for the Panasonic 420 - will provide the same functionality as the 820, for the Projector world. Unless you're saying you already have the 820 to use, so won't be buying a new one.

The Oppo would likely be much better in terms of playing any media files you have on hand, which is the Panasonic's achilles heel.

Projector - Current: Sony 55ES w/Panamorph lens
Upgrade: NX7. Undecide on the lens. I see Panamorph has a pre-order out on the Paladin-C DCR lens. Very tempting.

Projector questions;
- Jump on the lens pre-order & hold off on purchasing the projector, with the theory electronics drop in price?
- Laser projectors: is there a laser projector worth the purchase to withstand the technological advances of projectors or just keep upgrading every 5 years or so?
- Hold off on projector purchase and upgrade the screen?

Screen- Current: Falcon Vision HD 2.35.1/120”wide
Upgrade: ?
Regarding laser - the general consensus is that it we're unlikely to see a laser based equivalent to the current JVC series, at any reasonable price point, for several years at best. Clearly, this is a guess, though.

I was facing a similar dilemma when upgrading to my NX7 - get it by itself, or just go all in, and get the DCR lens as well. I'm at a different point in life, being somewhat older than most here, so decided to just go for it, and got both. My thinking is that the whole was greater than the sum of the parts - each by itself was a good improvement, but the combination really put it over the top. But each person is in a different situation, and there's no one right choice for everybody.

Having the cheaper option of the new "C" Compact DCR lens, especially at the introductory price, makes this an appealing and (relatively) cost-effective option.

I would guess a better screen would improve things, but perhaps not as much as the projector/A-lens combination.

It doesn't seem that the general rule that pricing goes down as electronics improve applies quite as directly to the Projector world as it does to others. The price points seem to be somewhat stable, with improvements appearing every few years. The NX5/NX7/NX9 seemed to be a significant jump from the prior generations, but I don't know if we can reasonably expect a similar degree of improvement with the next generation. The phrase 'evolutionary rather than revolutionary' comes to mind.

But of course, we could all be wrong come September!

Just a few rambling thoughts for you to mull over!
361 - 362 of 362 Posts