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help a newbie please. long post, sorry. I put background info on my CI friend & myself at end. Read it if you toe the line on certifications or are just a mean person who likes a newbie to roast as I've already admitted my ignorance of topic & points of challenge to facts. Skip it otherwise to make this shorter.

Situation - existing Crestron AAS with near max content stored internally. The user bought a Buffalo Technology Terastation NAS for home network and intended use as external disk for expanded AAS storage upgrade. CI tells me upgrade key was bought for the expansion. He reviewed upgrade process, did not perform though due to issue below.

Problem -

expansion means the internal drive gets disabled so all existing media must get transferred. Crestron support says cannot mass move to new storage, must first backup, do upgrade, then restore to new external space and can only be done via a manual one/few at a time process. Crestron stated using non-crestron file i/o would invalidate the license key. My CI friend recalled the Crestron tech talking about flags or rights on the NAS drive. So he called on me & IT knowledge seeking an OS or system level workaround. There might be one, but I'm sticking to my old friend K.I.S.S.

Question 1 - Does the internal drive really get disabled for ext HDD expansion upgrade?

Answer = No, point me to the link to find the correct process. It might be anything from wrong steps, wrong process, to wrong hardware. In every case I need educated to know what to ask him and this forum if it doesn't resolve this.

Answer = Yes, then 2nd question - When upgrading from internal disk to larger external storage (NAS), is there a simple process within crestron software to xfer existing media library from old internal to new external storage?

2nd answer = Yes, Once again point me to the link to find the correct process. To educate myself.

2nd answer = No so it must really be a "feature" of the expansion upgrade process to spend days of manual labor transferring existing library. Are there any known workarounds already invented? If not, anybody know of or have suggestions about what NAS related system or os level items that crestron's external storage validation keys off of and that which can be manipulated as a workaround?

My disclaimer - only seeking professional advice about legal admin/root level steps at OS or system levels. Replies with software hacks or cheats around crestron licensing are not welcome, but if you insist, I'll put printouts of them to good use in my fireplace next to the mean replies.

background info on us - I'm not the CI, am more IT guy with some high end MM experience. Am helping answer questions of CI friend. He works for authorized Crestron company, he is 2 courses into crestron training, is excellent within his knowledge base, less than average on how to "investigate" for answers outside his training, ie - doesn't participate in shared knowledge forums. My limited unix cmd line background makes me believe there's a workaround, but k.i.s.s. tells me not to waste my time figuring it out.

Situation & problem are as explained to me by my CI friend and where used, they are his claims of verification by Crestron support. I can't guarantee accuracy, etc of either.
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