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Hello all. Im looking at buying a home that has a Crestron adagio controller of some sort. Its just handling 6 rooms of audio and there is an older Onkyo receiver for the family room. Owner said he thinks rs232 is controlling the tv and there is a really old crestron version of an mx850 in use.

I guess first question I have is it worth keeping this stuff? The owner couldnt get the cd file system to work for me. Kind of reminded me of the old escient stuff. Is this old stuff upgradeable? New remotes and ipad control?

And secondly, I like to play with systems and an wondering if this is even a product I can tinker with myself.
The cable box is really old and looks it connected via component cabling into onkyo. Also the owner said the dvd player died not long ago and he replaced it with a ps3. I figure to bring in my directv and would assume this requires some programming. Can't really tell how difficult composer is from website. Also, having a hard time just finding current info about the multi-room controller. I realize this name brand is high end in a lot of people's minds, but not meaning to offend anyone, this particular stuff doesnt seem like much.

I have some newer elan and rti products that I play with and I guess if this audio part works for the various zones its worth keeping but is there a way to send out codes from some other control system to just change rooms on the crestron matrix. I can take control of the rest of the room via elan or rti
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