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So I see that Crestron just released this new HDMI Distribution Amplifier:


They describe it as a way to expand the outputs of the HD-MD 8x2. Is there any reason to get this combo over the DM-MD 8x8? The price of the DM-MD is $4300 and the HD-MD 8x2 is $3000. I can't imagine that this product will be less than $1300, and you still don't get all the benefits of the DM-MD.

I'd imagine one possible benefit gets into not needing the input and output cards which you do with the DM-MD. Can you just use standard HDMI baluns with the HD-MD (and I guess the HD-DA-2-Quad add-on)? If you could, that would certainly make these two products more appealing as I'd imagine the overall price of implementation would be a lot lower.

Thank you.
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