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Criminal: UK

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Only 3 episodes long, but the first two have been low-key and even slightly quirky but riveting and, IMO, different from the usual fare. If they were to make a comparably-good series out of it, my wife and I would definitely watch it.

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We've been on a bit of a David Tennant binge lately. Good Omens, Broadchurch, and we'll do all 3 episodes of Criminal: UK tonight. David's strong Scottish accent can be difficult to understand at times.
If they were to make a comparably-good series out of it, my wife and I would definitely watch it.

While you're waiting, you can watch Criminal: France, Criminal: Spain, and Criminal: Germany, all of which were released to Netflix simultaneously.
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Are they sub-titled? If 'yes', I'll definitely will watch them.

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I just read that they are, so I will. Thanks for the tip! :)
This worked really well because each case was completely different. I don't know why, but was expecting David Tennant to be on the good side; he was not. Hayley Atwell was excellent as Stacey Doyle. I liked this short series, but I can't say it compels me to watch the others. Maybe if I had nothing else to watch I'd check them out.
I hear the Germany setting is the best one followed by France...the UK and Spain ones are said to be the most formulaic where viewers can anticipate the twists
Finished UK, Germany and France; Spain is up next.

Although we've found the suspects, their stories and some of the cops to be interesting and well done, each episode has unfortunately been saddled with some bad writing and at least one distractingly odd/stupid/unnecessary character and/or storyline.

FWIW. :)
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