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Crossing Jordan PQ 10-22-01

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Is it just wishful thinking on my part or did the overall PQ seem much improved on Crossing Jordan last night?
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I believe it was better. It still varied in quality but some of the scenes look VERY good to rival the best I've seen. It looks like they are doing a better transfer job with each show. Let's hope the learning curve continues up.
I think the PQ was better this week also. To bad they didn't spend some more money on a better script.
It looked better on my PJ as well; unfortunately, I couldn't manage to make it through the whole program because PQ wears thin when SQ (s for script) is so bad. The show's cutesy trick of father and daughter playing the role is dopey and gets worse with each repetition. On the other hand, Everybody Loves Raymond was good looking and hilarious. Way to go CBS!

Here in Phoenix, Crossing Jordan was upconverted for the first 10 minutes or so. I've mentioned before that our NBC affiliate, KPNX has the best upconverted picture I have seen. When the picture switched suddenly to HD (surprisingly in sync) I noticed the improved PQ immediately even though KPNX didn't remove their thin sidebar IDs for a few seconds.

Crossing Jordan is just CSI repackaged and I don't like CSI, but I do like looking at Jill Hennessy. Much the same with Jennifer Garner of Alias, and to some extent Kim Delaney of Philly. I told my wife I wanted to see the HD programming, but she's much too smart for that. I gave up on Alias...just too bad a story line.

By the way, did anyone notice the "Simulcast in High Definition Where Available" on Crossing Jordan?

Al Keown
Al, so I wasn't the only one. Although I thought the HD picture before was still decent, but not the best; yes, I felt the picture was improved last night, too!!!! "Quincy with a female slant and curves."
Couldn't tell here in the Detroit area, it was in 4:3 crappy 480i for the 1min 25 seconds I watched it. I have no idea whether it changed to HD later. It was about halfway into the show, i think. Our local NBC must not be used to HD yet!:rolleyes:
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