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I don't have a lot of electronics knowledge, so this question may be pretty comical to those of you who do. I'm thinking about buying a three way crossover from PE to upgrade a pair of old speakers. I'd also like to replace the tweeters. The issue is thst most of the tweeters I like are 6 ohm and the crossover is made for 8 ohm drivers. From what I can tell from various online crossover calculators, this would drastically change the crossover frequency. My question is can I put a 2 ohm resistor in series with the 6 ohm tweeter and get an 8 ohm load? Would this work, or is the driver impedence more complicated than this?



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what i don't understand is why you're buying a crossover from PE if your original speaker already has a crossover in ?

yours is a simple question but there is no simple answer.

thats like saying if i upgrade my rims from 17" to 18" will i get better handling ? or if i cut off my muffler will i get better power ? there is no simple way of knowing really.

i would say this - if your tweeter is VERY bad go ahead and upgrade it to a good one. then TRY different things with crossover until you get satisfactory result.

on the other hand if your tweeter is decent just leave it alone because there is no guarantee or even reason to think that a superior tweeter will actually make your speaker sound better.

maybe if you can post a picture of your current tweeters and a link to the tweeter you want to buy we can tell you if you're likely to get an improvement. but as i said, unless your current tweeter is very bad either leave it alone or start learning theory in more depth.
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