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Crossover setting. large or small for speakers ?

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Tuned for high fidelity and linear performance in standard drywall (ceiling) construction

Aim-able design with wide-field dispersion sound field

Kevlar® 8" fiber (203 mm) native yellow, square-woven woofer (DuPont) with butyl surround

Tetoron® 1" (25 mm) pivoting soft dome tweeter, woven-textile, lens-free, neodymium motor

Midrange & high frequency 3-position acoustic compensation switches

Audio grade polypropylene capacitor populated fiberglass board crossover circuit

Drivers wired with audio grade, high strand count, oxygen free copper high current speaker cable

Vibration dampening motor boots

T-Stop signal-powered protection circuit prevents tweeter driver failure

response: 38Hz - 21kHz ±3dB on reference axis

Sensitivity: 91dB spl (2.83V, 1m)

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms

Recommended amplifier power: 5W - 200W on unclipped program within frequency domain


System: 12 7/8" round x 5 3/4" deep

Cut-out: 11 1/2" round x 5 3/4" deep

Net weight: 6.6 lbs each.

Sub- Two definitive tech sc6000's

Pioneer elete sc57.

Sorry about the long description but i am really confused. Ran my mcacc and it set's speakers to large. Yes these are great sounding speakers but everything i have read says they should be small. Crossover is killing me. Any and all help would be appreciated . In all aspects you can think of. Thank you in advance. Ps Gave you everything i had on my in ceiling speakers . All 5 the same
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Set them to small. This will redirect all low freq to the sub which is preferred. What did mcacc set the crossover freq to?

Originally Posted by basshead81  /t/1470790/crossover-setting-large-or-small-for-speakers#post_23265982

try it every way possible and see what works best for your room and setup....
I agree. Not only small/large, but large with sub on (super bass). Also play with crossover settings.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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