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Crossover Setting

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My surround speakers frequency response , according to the manufacturer, are rated at 90hz - 22 khz and the crossover frequency at 3khz. When setting up my AVR I do not have a choice of 90, only 80 or 100. What should I set the AVR at? Does it make a difference? If I set it to 80, am I losing some of the sound since it will not resolve below 90?

My center channel is rated at 80 so I set that to 80.

I am not sure as to what to do with the surrounds.

Thanks for any insight.
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If the surrounds are rated 90Hz-20KHz with no +-dB range provided, then the rating is fairly worthless. My speakers extend to 20Hz. Of course, I can't hear anything at 20Hz but I'm sure it can be measured.

Even if it is, for example, +-3dB, you want to set it ABOVE the F3 point, not at the F3 point. So, set it to 120Hz or even higher. If 100 is as high as your receiver goes, then set it there.

Change your center's x-over as well.

In the future, adding some details like what brand and model speakers you have would allow us to answer more precisely.


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