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I have an older Pio. receiver that unfortunately has a very limited HPF and my only options in the setup menu are 100Hz, 150Hz, and 200Hz for the subwoofer level.

I moved my subwoofer to nearfield behind the seating position to get that kick in the butt feeling (which it definitely provides btw).

My subwoofer is an eD A3-250 (I know, I know).

When I use the 100Hz X-over in the receiver and have only the subwoofer connected via the LFE out from the receiver to the LFE in on the subwoofer and playing music, I can almost make out the entire song! It's really pathetic. I think the X-over is MUCH higher than the 100Hz it says it is.

When I use the LFE out from the receiver and connect it to the line level (speaker level) inputs on the subwoofer and thus use the subwoofer's X-over, I can only make out the bass (which is great and what I believe to ACTUALLY be the advertised 100Hz).

Thus is my conundrum.

There's probably a lot of info I'm leaving out, but the jist is this:

How should I connect this up to get the best sound?

1. LFE out from receiver to LFE in on sub and "100Hz" X-over on receiver with speakers set to small.

2. LFE out from receiver to Line Level (speaker level) in on subwoofer with speakers set to small and 100Hz HPF X-over on the receiver and max out the LPF X-over of the sub to try to avoid cascading X-overs.

3. "..." with speakers set to large to avoid the HPF X-over of the receiver and use the LPF X-over of the subwoofer and adjust it closer to 80Hz (or wherever is good according to measurments).

4. Something else I'm not currently thinking of/mentioning?

Thanks in advance for any advice/help
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