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i have two tower speakers which EACH content of :

two 4ohm woofers in in Parallel connected to sub output = 2 ohm

one 8ohm mid connected directly to mid output = 8 ohm

two 2 ohm tweeters in Parallel connected to tweet output =?

when i measured the output total with multimeter is was 4 ohm.

so suppose i have an NEW 3-WAY CROSSOVER RATED @8 OHM

there's three outputs . sub.mid.tweet.. what i need to know can i hookup

two woofers @4ohm in Series to the sub output

[email protected] to the mid output

and [email protected] to the tweet output

will this be the way to go ?

will this result in 8 ohm load for my amp or 24ohms?

for now i don't care about frequencies and other stuff.. i just want to know is it the right way in general to connect these speakers to 8 ohm crossover!!

thanks in advance
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