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I am considering a used CRT projector such as an ampro 2600 or 3600 with under 3000 hrs or a new DLP. Which would be the better for ht use where light is 100% controllable (no windows plus dimmers). I will be using hdtv, xbox, ps2, gamecube and dvd. I am weighing all options such as ease of use and quality. I am not very familiar with CRT but actually repair DLP. Any input would be great.
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CRT owns DLP's ass when quality is your first priority.
there is not a digital projector

made at any price that will match

let alone beat a ampro 3600

that includes 70,000 and up

light canons the ampro

originally sold for over

20,000$$$ dollars and

still sells new for over 20,000

from elite video

when it comes time to re tube

your projector many years from now

you can do it for a song

around 600$$ a tube

from vdc

if you do a good setup

your the ampro is a very stable


XANATOS:D :cool: :D
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Advantages of CRT=better black level, and no rainbow effect, sometimes more accurate colors, more flexible setup, and used CRT will give better picture for less money that a new DLP that could come close to the CRTs resolution. Plus a 3000hr CRT will last maybe 7000+ hours, DLP will need a new lamp in 1000-2000hr.

Advantages of DLP=small size makes installation easy. And...well, there has to be more but I can't think of any right now.

I've owned both, and have an LCD pj and a CRT pj right now. Love the CRT for picture quality, hate the bulk.
If you can repair DLP projectors then you are more qualified to service your own CRT than probably 90% of us here that do it by the seats of our pants. We recommend tentative newbies who want the best quality at an unbeatable price to go for a used CRT all the time - telling you to seems like a no brainer. Look at me, do I look like I should be reaching around lethal voltages inside an operating CRT projector? But I do and I am not dead or even shocked yet (I retubed my CRT myself with a little help from the service manual and a lot of help from this board).

As a DLP repairman you must be intimately familiar with the picture output from one of these units. Get yourself to a demo of a CRT playing video somewhere and you won't need us to tell you which to get. I'm sure there are some forum members in you local area who would be willing to give you a demo.
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yep no doubt crt is the first choice,look at cost+ picture =vince carter monster jam.........
CRT. But, then again, I DO have some bias. You can't beat the realism from it. DLP gets you a big picture, no emotion, sterile.

Cpurvis nailed it on the head. Coming to the CRT forum asking if you should get a CRT or a DLP is begging for bias. You'll have to see what you can afford in both technologies. I'd say you home theater dollars go a good 3 times further in CRT than DLP. Go see the differences with your own eyes. It's pretty undisputed that CRT in the king of picture quality. Though there is a learning curve in going CRT, but with the help of the great members of this forum, you'll be seeing why we all went this route instead of digital for video projection in due time. Actually, I probably shouldn't polarize it that much. I'm sure some CRT owners have digitals too. They are good for data projection and for use in ambient lit situations. I'd get one myself if I could afford it. Though I find myself getting extra CRT projectors instead of a digital whenever I have spare cash! The prices for CRTs are so insane! I would say take advantage of this strange situation - CRT projectors costing a fraction of new digitals and still beating them in image quality!
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And, Cpurvis.....I'm STILL laughing from that line in the middle of yer post:D

Even when projecting computer or vid game images the CRT is a better bet? I think for movies a CRT is unbeatable. I was just wndering about all aspects including maintence, cost, etc. I have found some ampro 2600s for under $1000 with less than 3000 hrs. Is this a great pj or avg?

Do I need a line doubler to run any of the prev mentioned devices? HDTV, etc.
One more thing...

Recommend some CRT pjs I could pick up used for under $2000 that are good.
ampro 4000

ampro 2600

nec 6pg and 9pg

ehome 8000

ecp projectors

barco 800

sony 1272 1271 1270 1252

sony 1031

and you will need a line doubler or better for all

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For the money I would look for a NEC 6PG+ or 6PG-Extra (or 9PG) with clean tubes - they are EM focus (do a search for electromagnetic focus) and for that money you should be able to get a nice one.
First of all, thanks for all the GREAT info. Will all the projectors listed above out-preform an average DLP. I REALLY want a reason to buy a used CRT over a new DLP or even LCD. I need a line doubler no matter what? Excuse my ignorance but what does that do and why do a need one (a link to a site or post will do great)?
Me being a complete CRT newbie mysef, I can an only give you limited advice.

A line doubler is a device that you run video through and it doubles the lines of resolution going to the projector, they are necisary for CRTs since they have no onboard processing, these cost anywhere from 2k and up.

There is a cheaper solution. You can build a cheap HTPC(with an ATI Radeon card), and put a Holo3DGraph card in it, and run all the video though it, and to the pj via RGB. I'm doing this, however I'm adding a good soundcard and a DVD-rom drive as HTPCs with a Radeon video card produce the best image possible.


About the Holo3DGraph, an even cheaper solution is to get a decent capture card(like Flyvideo 2000), and combine it with dscaler software( http://www.dscaler.org/ ), and it will give you a simular picture to the Holo3DGraph card. Thing is, the capture card option is limited to S-video only, which isn't bad.

I'm hopefully about to get a Barco 801 with a little over 1,000hrs on it, for $1000 or under!
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Recomend a good (and not $2k) doubler.
quad scan elite

under 1,000

Sony VPH-1031Q: $500 +

AVT-3200 line doubler: $170 +

Da-Lite Tripod screen: $130 +

A nice Sony DVD player: $100

= champaign on a beer budget video system
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