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CRT Technicians in the Sacramento Area

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I have a Sony 1272 and it needs some calibration. Anyone know of a good technician in the Sacramento, CA area? If so, do you know their price?

Thanks in advance

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Good luck! I've tried and have also seen a few other posts asking for help in the Bay Area to no avail, at least to the best of my knowledge. Sure would be nice to find someone who is willing to do setup or repair here in the Valley, or the Bay Area. Hopefully someone will prove me WRONG.

I would suggest that you try Hammerhead.
[email protected]
[email protected] for tech support

They are up in Chico. It is just a suggestion. I have no idea if they would be able to help but at least your question will not be ignored like mine was.

About 7 years ago I had a Barco repair station in Hayward look at my Barco but they wanted to charge me over $2,200.00 just to fix the power supply. Not sure if this site was around back then but if it was I could have probably had the guys here guide me in the right direction and/or sell me the part for a fraction of the estimate I received from the repair shop. I ended up selling the projector on ebay about 4 years ago. I bet you a hundred bucks one of the guys on this site bought it! LOL.

What kind of calibrations do you need?

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Thanks a lot for the response...I'm actually going out to check out some new projectors this weekend.

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