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Crytek begins new IP project at Kiev studio

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Could this be the project the newly hired PS3 programmers are working on?


Developer fires up production of secret game with new team

Developer Crytek has revealed that its recently established Kiev studio has gone into full production of a new title based on original IP.

The company's middleware solution, currently being used to build first-person shooter Crysis for EA, has reached the stage where it can be put to use in different genres and multiple formats, said the company.

"Now that our CryENGINE 2 middleware has reached the point of maturity where it can be used to support both different types and styles of games, and run on multiple platforms, we thought it was the optimum time to begin work on a new project based on our own new and original intellectual property, and elevate the Kiev operation to full studio status," revealed Faruk Yerli, MD of Crytek.

"Our Kiev studio has been recruiting and growing for the past year and a half. The highly talented team that has undergone an intensive training period, and in that time they have made an invaluable contribution to our production in Frankfurt," he added.
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