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CS-1, Bravo, HS20 Settings and PQ

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I decided to test the value of a video processor and picked up one of the "fire-sale" FE CS-1 units back in October. I haven't been that unhappy with my Sony HS20 picture quality to pay the going rate (> $1K) for the latest HD scalers, but the price of the CS-1 was too tempting.

I have tried several set ups with my Bravo-D1 and HS20 projector (native resolution 1366 X 768). While these components have been replaced by newer models, I thought I would post the results as they were/are a very popular configuration and can still be found at very reasonable prices. Both the CS-1 (SIL504) and the Bravo (? for scaler) can be set to custom resolutions to achieve a 1:1 pixel mapping.

The four test set ups to HS20 were: (1) Bravo - 720p via DVI; (2) Bravo - Custom 1366 x768 via DVI; (3) Bravo - 480p via DVI to CS-1 - 720p via DVI; Bravo - 480p via DVI to CS-1 - custom 1366 X 768 via DVI.

Both 720p settings required the Hs20 DVI- GBR mode and the 1366 by 768 settings required the DVI-computer mode

Finding a custom setting that worked with the HS20 required some trial and error with the Cs-1 but the trick is in setting the refresh rate to 56khz and not having the Cs-1 calculate the dot clock which results in an error message.

Both the Bravo - HS20 settings generated excellent picture quality with the 1:1 setting giving a slight/modest improvement.

Both the Bravo-CS-HS20 settings had better image quality (smoother, more detail) than the Bravo alone (even though another scaling operation was being added). I didn't see any noticable difference between the CS-1 720p and CS-1 1366X 768 and ended up using the 720p to avoid the time to center the custom setting.

I really can't imagine a better picture at this point and I can't find any faults using test video test patterns (Avia moving zone plates, etc)

The picture quality from these "low-end" custom scaling DVD players (i.e Bravo and Oppo) appears to be very good for the investment if you can exploit the DVI connections.

The CS-1 certainly generated a better picture for the $300 price tag (although I woud not have been happy if I paid even half of MSRP).

I will try the above using a Vizio 50 plasma as well.
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You might also try to feed the CS1 with 480i and see if the sil504 does a better job than the Bravo video chip.
The Bravo can only output 480p/780p/1080i for "HDTV" modes. I have seen others compare the CS-1 480i and 480p performance. The 480p was much better.
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