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CS2 - s-video 4:3 no pluge!

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I finally got around to adjusting my CS2 with my different sources.

CS2 feeds a Panasonic AE100 (RGB) w/16:9 screen

I first set up the DVD (component) OK

I then took the s-video feed from the DVD to my CS2 and tried to set up contrast/brighness with my AVIA disc - no dice!

As i brought the brightness up, the entire 4:3 region would become brighter, but no pluge bars were visible at any brightness level.

I took at look using 5th Element and it was strange. I used the ledge sequence and paused at the start of the scene where the guards are standing at the ladder - i had to bring the brightness up to +10 on the s-video to see the ribs on the arms (and match the component picture). On the ledge the s-video was much brighter than the component and returning to 0 was a better match.

Anyone know what is going on?

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I have no clue !

I am using a CS2, and I managed to have on each (Composite, Y/C, YUV progressive and SDI) input a dedicated picture setting (contrast, brightness, Hue, Tint, sharpness).
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