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CT-34WX54 color settings

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Hi all.

I have posted this same question a while back and the color scheme still doesn't look good.

Does anyone have a color setting they used that reduced the red and made the color just right?

My eyes are really lousy with calibrating TV. I even used those color calibration DVD's with no help.

Thanks a million!

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I did my 34WX54 just by sight then with Avia, and they came out similar. Now, everyone's perception is different, and these are merely the settings I have mine at, so they may not (probably won't) work for you. I've had one person say these were really whacky settings, but I've had others say that, after your eyes adjust to properly set colors and pictures settings, it's close to what normal (true) color is supposed to look like. Good luck and remember, your results may vary:

Color 17

Tint 40

Brightness 54

Picture 40

Sharpness 3

Color Temp-Normal

Natural color-On

Video NR-Off


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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