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Just bought a Sony 55NX810 HDTV and the Sony CT150 Soundbar.

Enabled Bravia Sync and would be very happy with the control of the two components but....

Now when I power up the HDTV I get a lag where the TV is trying to figure out what the sync is all about, locates the CT150, announces it's syncing with an on-screen banner, brings up the HDMI1 source banner, and then causes the TV to display the "no input found" wallpaper. After a few seconds and some flicker, there's the Verizon Fios HD picture on the last channel I watched.


Without the Bravia Sync, when I power up my HDTV I get the nice Sony splash screen, then right to the last channel viewed. Now I've got all these on screen banners and warnings and its a mess.

Is there a workaround? Or do all Bravia Sync products work this way?


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