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Cube Law

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My home theatre room ( which the wife continues to refer to as a lounge for some reason) is basically a cube, about 9' square and 10' high.

Things are about as good as it gets layout wise with 60" plasma central on one wall, and couch on the opposite wall. 5.1 works, ok surround speakers are at exactly 90 degrees from the listening position, around 3" off the back wall, but 7' up.

Due to the proximity to the back wall, normal 7.1 just won,t work, but it seems there are some other options, potentially wides and highs.

Currently the fronts are at a nice 60 degree split, plenty of breathing room with tweeter level at ear height and screen mid point. Anything new that goes in is going to be at the same height as the surrounds, and I have a picture rail all around the room so have some freedom in placement. Threads on highs and espically wides are a little sparse, so not really sure where the state of the art is at the moment.

What is the current perceived wisdom, are wides/heights worth doing in such a space?

Does Dolby or Audessy provide a better virtual speaker implementation?

Am I just chasing diminishing returns and am better spending my money on content?

About the only other thing that would work is 6.1 with a speaker on the floor behind the couch or hung from the ceiling, but I'm really not keen on this

All opinions gratefully received;)
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Stick with 5 channel setup... If something is lacking either upgrade your speakers to better ones or get a 2nd identical sub or if your sub is lacking buy 1 good sub or 2 good subs. 2 subs in that space would be crazy.

Originally Posted by Ghenster  /t/1520903/cube-law/0_100#post_24436597

M...Things are about as good as it gets layout wise with 60" plasma central on one wall, and couch on the opposite wall. ...

Keeping in mind that 5.1 speaker placements require the surrounds at ~80-120*, I don't see any issues with your speaker placement. The issue is listener location. If you sit on the couch, it's likely that your head is too close to the wall for best sound. I like to sit at the 2/3 point, so I'd put a foot of space behind the couch if that's where I were going to sit.

Have fun,

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