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Is anyone aware of a good, scientific comparison of LCD transition speeds? The speeds keep dropping but it's hard to tell how accurate the figures are. The only articles I've seen along these lines were done by http://behardware.com for PC monitors which used a high-speed camera showing lag and overcompensation -- but even that is semi-scientific.

Currently, most panels are rated 4ms (eg, A750, B650), and some are 2ms (eg, B750, and all Philips' from last year). Some are labeled as 0.02ms (eg, B550) and I have no idea what that means-- maybe a backlight strobe interval?

I know there's a lot of vagueness about the figures and how they're measured (B2B, W2B, G2G, estimations, equivalents, etc), I'm looking for information that cuts through all that. Hopefully regarding specific panels that are currently in use, that you can correlate to specific products or product lines.
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