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Hi All,

I currently own an LG 42LB5D that I got a great deal on it at the time. I've had it for about 2 years now.

My parents recently bought a Samsung UN40B6000. Every time I walk by it I just think it looks a lot better than my TV. A bit of TV envy I guess... 120hz, LED, Internet Apps *drool*

I've been thinking about upgrading but haven't really convinced myself to pull the trigger. I was hoping to get an outstanding deal around BF but since all the ads are out and nothing is really exciting I am pretty open to anything that's out there.

My main uses are watching hockey, movies via HTPC, and playing games.

I had mostly been looking at the edge-lit but there's been some deals for some local dimming sets. Particularly the LG 47LE8500...

Reading old reviews my current set always seemed to get really high marks and great reviews. Part of the reason I have been hesitate to upgrade is that it seems like all the LED-lit LCD TV's have some downsides to them and it shows in the reviews. I'd hate to upgrade and then quickly regret it because of these issues.

Is now the time to upgrade? Should I wait longer? Will the LG 47LE8500 look a lot better than my current TV? Any comparable models I should look into?

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