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Current speaker cables

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My buddy gave me speaker cable 9 months ago to use with my Definitive Tech SM 55's but I didn't pay attention to what cable it was or what type of cable I should be getting. The current cable I am using is Acoustic Research Performance series 18 gauge cable with Rocketfish Banana Plugs. Should I replace the cable? If so any tips on what cable I should get.

I am using around 3 feet of cable per speaker connected to a SMSL SA-98E amp

Don't make fun of me :(

I can get these cables for $90


Edit: After getting my smart phone and zooming it's actually 18 gauge cable. http://www.amazon.com/Acoustic-Research-AP-1850N-Discontinued-Manufacturer/dp/B00026BB3C
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The short answer is No.
A 10 gauge wire is more than most people use:)
I personally use 12 gauge with some long run (40-50ft or so for the surrounds).

Your post is kind of difficult to understand!?
Do you have 10 gauge wires, at this point and want to replace them with the link you posted
Is it the price your Buddy want $90 for them?
If so, then it depend or savvy you are about DIY.
If you are not, $90 is a fair price since you are done and over with.
If you are willing to do some DIY, read this, lost of good information and you can make some killer cable for a lot less.


Cable/ wire are just that, no magic, just proper built and some quality components

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Audioquest = Snake oil. They sell for 10 times what they're worth.
18ga cable is OK for a 3 foot run.
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Just saw your edit!

Save your money and read the link I send you!
They are many pre-made cables made for less!

I was going to make my own cable but I found these Sewell cables. Anyone try them before? I am thinking about getting 2 2 packs which will be $27.50

Why? There's nothing wrong with what you're using now. Only difference will be the money you spend.
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