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Unfortunately I wasn't really all that active with it
. More of just a notion as I prepare to do my screen wall panels and wanted to account for adding some sort of track for the masking if I did end up wanting masking.

If I were to employ masking I would probably attempt something like what scott and the other folks are doing but only for a side masking solution. Aluminum track seems like it would be simple enough to bend for the radius of my screen which is about 3" in from the center.

At this point however, I have been pretty much at a stand still
, busy with work and life. Motivation has also been MIA but I'm ramping up to start making my screen and wall panels.

Still not sure that I will do masking though, I might attempt to use powered curtains as an easy solution however I am one who uses the full screen width even with 16:9 content most of the time and it doesn't bother me(sorry to the purists
). If I am able to employ an easy solution then I will likely go for it but we shall see.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts